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Meet the Face Behind Itzme Creatives

At Itzme Creatives, we offer a wide variety of art and craft classes, hobby workshops, baking, and cooking courses to cater to your interests. We’re also your go-to home bakery for delightful treats, from cakes to cupcakes and donuts. Our commitment to hygiene and quality is unparalleled, with government certification to vouch for our excellence.

Our Story

Meet the Face Behind Itzme Creatives

I’m Zahra Fatepurwala, the founder of this creative haven. It all began with a simple yet powerful vision – to inspire creativity in every individual. With a deep-seated passion for art, craft, baking, and cooking, I embarked on a journey to create a space where people could explore their creative talents and savor the delights of homemade treats.

What We Can
Offer from our

My vision came to life with the support of a team of passionate experts who share my enthusiasm for creativity and a love for crafting delectable delicacies. Together, we have cultivated a vibrant community that celebrates artistry and flavor.

At Itzme Creatives, our commitment is twofold: to offer a wide variety of art and craft classes, hobby workshops, baking, and cooking courses, designed to cater to your unique interests. Whether you’re an aspiring baker, a craft enthusiast, or someone looking to hone your culinary skills, our classes are tailored to bring out the best in you.

Join us at Itzme Creatives, and let’s create and celebrate the beauty of art, craft, and the joy of homemade goodness together.

As we move forward on this creative journey, your satisfaction remains our top priority. We strive to inspire and delight, whether through our classes or our baked creations. It’s our way of inviting you to experience the magic that happens when creativity and culinary artistry combine.

But Itzme Creatives doesn’t stop at creativity. We’re also your trusted home bakery, dedicated to bringing you delightful treats that celebrate the joys of homemade goodness. From the finest cakes that tell stories to scrumptious cupcakes and mouthwatering donuts, our creations are designed to make your celebrations special. The hallmark of our home bakery is our unwavering commitment to hygiene and quality, a commitment so strong that it has earned us government certification, assuring you of our excellence.

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